14 winning match day recipes | Jamie Oliver (2024)

Satisfying snacks and next-level dishes to feed a crowd and leave them cheering for more…

Here at Jamie Oliver HQ, we celebrate big games and sports eventsthe only way we know how – by getting the gang together and sharing some amazing food. These epic match-day snacks, sharing plates and finger-food ideas will fuel your team for hours!

Nachos, sausage rolls, quesadillas, garlic bread and more… Check out these winning recipe ideas to kick the game off in style, wherever you’re watching.

Want more? Take a look at our collection of party food ideas and budget-friendly fakeaways.


The ultimate party food, nachos are fun to load up and embellish however you like. Top with homemade chilli and spicy jalapeños for a proper kick, or a chunky guacamole and zingy tomato salsa for a burst of freshness.

Gnarly, sticky and sweet, these tender chicken wings are perfect match-day finger food. Simply toss them in a homemade marinade, then char on a griddle pan for an extra smoky hit. This is a brilliantly easy recipe to have up your sleeve if you’re feeding a crowd.

Rogan josh Scotch eggs

Go all-out with these homemade veggie Scotch eggs, complete with crispy naan breadcrumbs and mango chutney. These tasty veggie snacks will satisfy even die-hard meat-eaters, but if you’d rather a classic Scotch egg recipe, try this version instead.

Load up a warm flatbread with pickles, tahini and crispy spiced mushrooms to make this veggie fakeaway shawarma that’ll go down a storm. Don’t forget to add dukkah and homemade minty jalapeño salsa for that extra wow factor.

Outrageous pulled pork

This one-tray wonder from Jamie’s book ONE is an ideal match day recipe.Prepped in just 15 minutes, let the oven do the hard work while you decide on one of the many ways you can serve it. In a bap, on a pizza, with noodles, on a crunchy piece of lettuce – pulled pork is super versatile and perfect for a party.

The perfect chips

On match days, you can’t go wrong with a bowl of proper hand-cut chips. In this recipe Jamie shows you how to make the perfect chip that’s crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. A proper treat that everyone will be thankful for, whatever the score.

Vibrant, tangy and oh-so-simple, this 3-ingredient veggie dip is perfect for dunking crunchy veg or toasted pitta. Simply whiz up jarred red peppers and tangy feta cheese with a little olive oil to create the perfect match-day dip – we guarantee you’ll get asked for the recipe!

Tear ‘n’ share garlic bread

Everyone loves garlic bread, no matter what team they’re on. This tear ’n’ share version is soft, spongy and has the crunchiest bottom you’ve ever seen! Place the tray in the centre of the table, fresh from the oven, and let everyone dig in.

This is a really fun dish using a US-inspired combo of chicken and beer. The steam from the beer creates the most amazing, juicy roast chicken, while the homemade rub gives the skin fantastic flavour. Carve up and serve with chips, wraps, rice or salad for an incredible dish that’ll make match day that bit better – win or lose!

Buddy's BBQ burgers

Super simple and ridiculously tasty, Buddy’s BBQ burgers will go down well with kids and adults alike. With melty cheese, tangy gherkins and crunchy veg – what’s not to love? Feel free to add extra toppings to the table for everyone to build their own burger however they like. Or, check out Buddy’s veggie version using chickpeas, peas, paprika and lemon for a meat-free alternative.

Sweet potato quesadilla

These sweet potato quesadillas are seriously tasty. The trick to nailing them every time is to keep the filling basic and go all-out with your sides – here Jamie opts for a spicy cheese and sweet potato filling with a tangy tomato salad to load onto every bite. Serve cut into triangles so everyone can have a slice.

Whip up these tasty homemade sausage rolls in just 30 minutes for the ultimate match snack. Using shop-bought puff pastry and a handful of ingredients, it doesn’t get much easier. Cooking for veggies? Check out these as a meat-free alternative that tastes just as good.

These impressive-looking pinwheels are so simple and brilliantly budget-friendly. Dollops of green pesto and sundried tomato pesto give an extra hit of flavour while the shop-bought pastry removes any hassle, making this the perfect match-day bake to tackle with the kids.

Beef empanadas

Crumbly pastry is filled with tender sirloin steak, perfectly spiced with sweet smoked paprika and fresh chilli to create these little parcels of joy. Inspired by South American empanadas, they go perfectly with a glass of crisp lager, making them hard to beat as the ultimate match day recipe.

Fancy a tipple with your match-day snacks? Whatever time it is where you’re watching the game, we’ve got you covered with our drinks collection.

14 winning match day recipes | Jamie Oliver (2024)


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