7 Fall co*cktail Recipes You Can Make with a Built in Kitchen Ice Maker (2024)

7 Fall co*cktail Recipes You Can Make with a Built in Kitchen Ice Maker (1)

As the temperatures begin to drop, it becomes necessary to find ways to stay warm. You could swing through your nearest coffee shop and order the drink that everyone and their mother is drinking this time of year – a pumpkin spice latte. Or, you can take matters into your own hands, whip out your very own built in kitchen ice maker, and turn up the notch with something a little more… grown up.

There is no limit to the things you can create using alcohol – and the fall season is the perfect time to experiment. Check out these sevenfall co*cktail recipes you can make with a built in kitchen ice maker right at home.

1. Drunk Pumpkin

The Drunk Pumpkin co*cktail is cool and bubbly with the strong taste of pumpkin spice – without the latte. Instead, it is replaced with the following:

-2 ounces of vodka

-2 ounces of tonic water

-1 ounce of pumpkin spice syrup

-A couple of drops of orange food coloring (this gives it the fun color)

To change things up a bit, use a different color of food coloring. For instance, purple can make it look like a potion, green can be a witch’s brew, or red can be nothing more than vampire blood. The color itself doesn’t impact the flavor of the drink – it is simply for aesthetic purposes, so have fun with it!

2. Pumpkin Spice White Russian co*cktail

Do you love White Russians? This creamy drink has been a fan favorite for many, many years. But this Pumpkin Spice White Russian co*cktail puts a whole new spin on it. Who would have thought anything could be better than the original?

This co*cktail is very easy to make. All you need is the following:

-3 ounces of vodka

-3 ounces of pumpkin spice creamer

-1.5 ounces of Kahlua

-Whipped cream and pumpkin pie spice for garnish

You can’t just serve this co*cktail in any ordinary glass. It deserves to be stunning so take pride in the presentation. Mix together crushed graham crackers, sugar, and pumpkin pie spice. Wet the rim of the glass and dip it into the mixture. Then, fill up the glass.

Watch out, though! This creamy goodness goes down super smooth. After a few, it could have you, well…let’s just say you may be wobbling like the drunk pumpkin we just talked about.

3. Pumpkin co*cktail

If you could scoop up fall and pour it into a glass, we’d tell you we just found it in this pumpkin co*cktail. To make it, you will need the following:

-1.5 ounces of seltzer or sparkling water

-1.5 ounces of maple bourbon

-2 ounces pumpkin shrubs

Shake the ingredients together and pour over ice.

Now, if you want to include this pumpkin co*cktail as part of your holiday decorations, then mix a large batch of maple bourbon and pumpkin shrubs and add the seltzer to each individual glass.

4. Pumpkin Spice Margaritas

When you think of margaritas, there is a good chance you associate it with being that drink to cool you down on a hot day – especially the frozen version. But who says you can’t have margaritas in the fall? No one.

Pumpkin spice margaritas may take a little more time to put together, using tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, and pumpkin puree, but the finished product is so worth it!

5. Pumpkin Pineapple co*cktail

Should we call this a tropical fall holiday in a glass? Yes, please. Together, the pumpkin pineapple co*cktail creates an amazing flavor that you are sure to want more of. You will need the following:

-Pineapple juice

-Pumpkin puree

-Honey or maple syrup







-And 3 ounces of dark rum

Let this one whisk you away to an island somewhere.

6. Pumpkin Pie Bourbon Smash

A pumpkin pie bourbon smash is the perfect co*cktail you can make ahead of time for all your celebrations. It’s like this; friends + pumpkin pie bourbon smash = delight. Of course, it could also lead to good times, inside jokes, and lifetime memories.

You can create an easy pumpkin pie syrup using sugar, water, pumpkin puree, and pumpkin pie spice in a pan. Mix this with some bitters and bourbon, and you are good to go.

7. Pumpkin and Rum Horchata

Horchata is a common creamy, sweet cinnamon drink made with rice – and it is often spiked with rum. This version adds a bit of pumpkin spice, too, which makes it an ideal drink for the fall season.

The pumpkin and rum horchata is like a dessert in a glass, except it has the power to quench your sweet tooth andmake you tipsy. And, for those cold nights, this pumpkin and rum horchata can be served warm.

Because it uses a rice base, the process takes 24 hours, so be sure to prep this one in advance.

So, Why a Built In Kitchen Ice Maker?

If you find yourself asking this question, you clearly have yet to make any of these co*cktails. Simply put, they are that good. And being the kind person that you are, you are going to want to share. This means you are going to need enough ice to go around. Now, because these fall co*cktail recipes are good enough to knock a witch off her broom this Halloween, you and your guests are going to want more than one.

THOR’s 15-inch Thor Kitchen Ice Maker can store up to 25lbs of ice – and it makes 50lbs of ice every day. It is built in flush with your countertop and comes with some pretty cool features, such as:

-A built-in pump

-Stunning blue LED lighting inside

-Automatic shutoff when the ice bin is full

-Comes with a built-in or freestanding design option

-Low maintenance with automatic defrost

-Stainless steel finish for a shiny classic look that is easy to clean

-Energy star and UL certified

Buy a Built In Kitchen Ice Maker at THOR

As you decide how many full glasses of these fall co*cktails you are going to sample, go ahead and order your built in kitchen ice maker from THOR Kitchen. That way, by the time you are ready to share with your friends, you’ve got enough ice to keep the drinks flowing.

Don’t know where to start? Find your nearest THOR Kitchen dealer and find the perfect modern appliance to compliment your home.

7 Fall co*cktail Recipes You Can Make with a Built in Kitchen Ice Maker (2024)


7 Fall co*cktail Recipes You Can Make with a Built in Kitchen Ice Maker? ›

This was when new liqueurs became available to bartenders, resulting in new and improved whiskey co*cktails. But, many bar-goers simply ordered a co*cktail 'the old fashioned way'. Even today the Old Fashioned has been the number one selling co*cktail in many bars. You just can't beat a classic!

What fruits are in fall co*cktails? ›

Fall Flavors
  • Apples.
  • Pears.
  • Blackberries.
  • Dates.
  • Figs.
  • Grapes.
  • Grapefruit.
  • Oranges.
Aug 24, 2015

What are the 5 most popular co*cktails? ›

The 10 Most Popular co*cktails In The U.S.—According To NielsenIQ...
  • Margarita. Alcoholic Lime Margarita with Tequila and Sea Salt. ...
  • Martini. Simple and classic, the Martini continues to be [+] ...
  • Moscow Mule. The Moscow Mule continues to be a favorite with [+] ...
  • Espresso Martini. ...
  • Old Fashioned. ...
  • Mojito. ...
  • Long Island Iced Tea. ...
  • Spritz.
Apr 3, 2024

What are the top six co*cktails? ›

The Six Essential co*cktails
  • Six Drinks from The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks by David Embury, 1948. N.B. All drinks to be shaken or stirred as noted with lots of ice to chill and strained into an appropriate glass.
  • The Daiquiri. 8 parts white Cuban rum. ...
  • The Jack Rose. ...
  • The Manhattan. ...
  • The Martini. ...
  • The Old Fashioned. ...
  • The Side Car.
Nov 28, 2023

What is the most sold co*cktail in the world? ›

This was when new liqueurs became available to bartenders, resulting in new and improved whiskey co*cktails. But, many bar-goers simply ordered a co*cktail 'the old fashioned way'. Even today the Old Fashioned has been the number one selling co*cktail in many bars. You just can't beat a classic!

What are 3 common co*cktails? ›

We've created this informative guide to provide interesting facts on the 10 most popular co*cktails and how to prepare each beverage.
  • Old Fashioned. The Old Fashioned was invented by James E. ...
  • Moscow Mule. ...
  • Negroni. ...
  • Mojito. ...
  • Whiskey Sour. ...
  • Daiquiri. ...
  • Margarita. ...
  • Mai Tai.
Jan 8, 2020

What fruit is for fall? ›

Apples are the quintessential fall fruit, coming in a dazzling variety of flavors and textures, ideal for snacking, baking, or cider-making. Pears, with their luscious sweetness, join the harvest, while grapes offer consumers a cluster of sweet & juicy delight.

What are the best spirits for fall? ›

Spring and summer tend to highlight lighter spirits like gin, vodka, or blanco tequila. However, aged spirits bring a sense of warmth and coziness as the weather begins to shift. In the fall, look to incorporate spirits like whiskey (bourbon, rye, or scotch), aged rum, brandy, cognac, or tequila (reposado or añejo).

What alcohol goes well with pumpkin? ›

Bourbon or aged rum goes well with the warm spices of pumpkin pie. Get the Pumpkin Pie Milkshake recipe.

What liquor is best for fall? ›

Brandy or cognac are two alcohols that work well in the fall. While you can find people who prefer to drink them straight, it's a type of alcohol with many available flavors that mix well with others.

What is considered a fall drink? ›

35 Of The Best Fall Drink Recipes
  • Ginger honey tea tonic! ...
  • Pumpkin coconut cream cold brew. ...
  • Hot pomegranate cider. ...
  • Salted maple power coffee! ...
  • Coconut chai power coffee. ...
  • Salted peanut butter hot chocolate. ...
  • Slow cooker coconut hot chocolate. ...
  • Pumpkin coconut hot chocolate.
Sep 21, 2023

What are the 5 mother co*cktails? ›

This concept that all sauces can relate back to one of the mother sauces was championed by the king of chefs and the chef of kings, Auguste Escoffier. In the bar world, we have something quite similar: the six basic drinks – the Daiquiri, Old Fashioned, Martini, Sidecar, Highball and Flip.


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