Best water coolers for PC 2021 [cooling guide] - (2024)

Best water coolers for PC 2021 [cooling guide] - (1)

Whether you are a gamer or a simple techie who wants to overclock his/her PC, heating is a universal issue. Heating not only decreases your device performance but also has a negative impact on components lifetime. To tackle the heating issue, we have collected the best water coolers for PC. Almost all of the CPU comes with an average cooling system which prevents it from overheating and shutting down. Most of the heat in your CPU is generated by your processor. The average temperatureof CPU varies from model to model. The ideal temperatureof the Intel Core 2 duostays between 45 degreesCelsius to 55 degrees Celsius. While for the Intel Core i3 to Intel Core i7 have an average temperature range between 50 degree Celsius to 65 degree Celsius.

There are multiple reasons behind the heating of processors. Most common one of them is the heavy load. Most of the software and games today require heavy processing power which ultimately results in heavy loads. Another common reason behind overheating is overclocking. Heating generated by overclocking is not really different than heating generated by heavy loads of software. Overclocking is running your CPU and memory at their highest speed. Another reason for heating is faulty airflow. You will see that most of the CPU already comes with a fan. Sometimes they don’t have enough power or the design of the CPU is not sufficient to provide the required airflow. This also results in overheating since the heat doesn’t find a path to get out.

Best water coolers for PC 2021

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Benefits of using best water coolers for PC

When it comes to cooling there are multiple methods of cooling available like air cooling, water cooling, self-contained liquid cooling, etc. Water cooling methods are most favored due to its effectiveness. There are multiple factors which are explained below for choosing water cooling over others.


The major difference between air cooling and water cooling is effectiveness. A water cooling system is much more efficient than air cooling. The water cooling method is also capable of focusing its cooling effects on specific parts like processor or GPU.


Fans in the air cooling system kind of work and have effects if they are powerful. But the downside is noise which is sometimes annoying. The water cooling system, on the other hand, is pretty silent.


Fans require a lot of space in the unit. Most of the time when you intend to increase the power of air cooling there is no other way than increasing fans. While the water cooling system requires less space in comparison to the air cooling system. This is due to the reason that most of the unit consists of tubes which are easy to fit anywhere.

Exotic look

Whoever says that look doesn’t matter is completely wrong. If you have a transparent CPU you must go with a water cooling system. When its combined with different lights and colors it gives an exotic look.

Best water coolers for PC Detailed Analysis

Corsair Hydro Series H110i

Best water coolers for PC 2021 [cooling guide] - (2)

If you are looking for extreme performance this cooler tops the list of best water coolers for PC. It comes with a 280 mm radiator and dual SP140L fans. This combination gives the best performance for your high powered or overclocked heating CPU.Best water coolers for PC 2021 [cooling guide] - (3)The unit is user-friendly and gives a lot of controls to the user. That includes customizing cooling performance, monitoring system temperature and complete control over LED lighting. The complete process of different controls is achieved by Corsair Link Software which is free.

You can alter the LED lighting colors to match your system or allow it to change based on temperature reading and other inputs. It is a closed loop design which comes pre-filled removing all the hassle of maintenance. You don’t have to worry about water getting spilled over your precious components. The 280 mm radiator provides the fast and maximum cooling effects on the surface. The unit is easy to install and setup. It also comes with a 5-year warranty. When it comes to supporting they provide it over a toll-free number.

👍 Excellent cooling performance.👎 Expensive.
👍 Great build quality.
👍 Five-year warranty.

Corsair H100i v2

Best water coolers for PC 2021 [cooling guide] - (4)

Corsair Hydro Series H100i V2 is our second choice in the list of best water coolers for PC. When compared with other coolers it provides a balanced temperature and noise combination. As V2 is appended in the name to make clear it’s an improvised version of the original H100i model. Corsair tried a different approach to water cooling by lowering RPM fans to produce less airflow at higher pressure. They also changed the dimension of radiatorand layout of radiator fin array. This approach helped them in controlling the noise in comparison of previous models.

The unit is a combination of 30 mm thick radiator connected with two thick tubes. It comes with Intel bracket pre-installed. If you need AMD you have to give it a twist and it will be ready to be clipped. It also comes with some thermal paste pre-installed. The unit’s overall performance is pretty impressive. Installation is easy and fast. If you are serious about your PC’s cooling performance, in a very controlled noise level the unit is perfect for you. It is a heavy duty solid cooling system which also adds style in your PC.

👍 Retains the excellent performance of the previous gen H100i at lower noise levels.👎 High static pressure fans have a whiny tone, even if they aren't particularly loud.
👍 Bracket installation is easier than with previous designs.👎 Thick hoses are hard to position during installation.
👍 Desktop UI control and customization.

NZXT RL-KRX72-01 Kraken X72

Best water coolers for PC 2021 [cooling guide] - (5)

NZXT Kraken X72 is another gem in the list of best water coolers for PC. The unit is a combination of 360 mm radiator and a powerful pump. Altogether they deliver the best cooling performance. This cooler is specially designed for high-end overclockers who want maximum power from their CPU. You will find the unit is equipped with three Acer Predator fans which give you maximum performance with minimal noise. The best selling point of the unit is the capability of independent tuning for the fan and pump.

The complete process of tuning is controlled through a CAM software. You can also customize the pump with multiple lighting effects. The rubber tube connecting the cooler and the radiator is strengthened by high-quality nylon sleeves. With its advanced customizable RGB lighting modes, you get a complete dynamic lighting experience. The pump is quieter and displaces more liquid than previous models. You will find the price slightly higher but based on performance it is justified.

👍 Great cooling performance.👎 Expensive.
👍 Sleek design unique RGB lighting features.
👍 Support for AMD's Thread ripper chips.

DEEPCOOL Captain 120EX

Best water coolers for PC 2021 [cooling guide] - (6)

Deepcool Captain 120EX is one of the best water coolers for PC in a smaller size. The unit is equipped with a powerful motor and a TF120 PMW fan. With help of its reliable motor the unit circulates the maximum amount of water. The powerful fan creates a high-volume airflow for radiator resulting in a lower temperature with less noise. Flexible auto-explosion rubber pipe gives you space-saving installation with durability. The built-in glass tube gives you visible liquid circulation and breathing LED effect.

This cooler is designed to create a steampunk appearance and high performance together. The installation is easy and tool-free for certain AMD and Intel models. It comes with a copper cold plate with a pre-applied thermal compound. This saves you from a messy situation while installing the unit. The double-bladed TF120 fans are specially designed for maximum air generation with least noise. It is also equipped with high-density aluminium fins which gives you excellent diversion of heat. In short words, it’s an excellent choice for one fan AIO cooler.

👍 Great cooling power.👎 Extra cost over competing air coolers not offset by performance gains.
👍 Low noise.
👍 Compact size.

Thermaltake Floe Triple Ring RGB 360 TT Premium Edition

Best water coolers for PC 2021 [cooling guide] - (7)

Thermaltake is an old player in the field of water coolers. When it comes to performance this is very advanced and one of the best water coolers for PC. With it’s patented Ring plus RGB software it gives you complete control over its operations. You can change the light modes, colors, speeds, brightness and fan speed. It also supports AI voice control in iOS and Android devices. The unit comes with three 120 mm fans giving you ultimate performance in airflow. You will get mounting hardware in the package which is a plus point.

There are 12 separately controlled RGB LEDs to give you unmatchable lighting control. The radiator is highly efficient with push and pulls mounting support. When it comes to the CPU coolers its made of copper. The pump is pretty powerful and can run up to 3600 RPM. The tube is made of rubber with a braided sleeve around it making it quite durable. Installation is very easy and you have only to do some screwing. The finished installation gives your CPU a great customizable look.

👍 Good cooling.👎 Expensive.
👍 Extremely low noise.
👍 Highly configurable LED controls.


Like most PC components best water coolers for CPU depends on different variables like requirements, compatibility, budget, etc. We at best10lab have presented you a list of best options available in the market. If you are worried about leakage AIO water coolers never leak and are covered with warranty.

Best water coolers for PC 2021 [cooling guide] - (2024)


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