My Co-Workers Secret Affair Has Ruined My Life, And More Of This Week's Best Work Drama | Digg (2024)

A husband says that all their spouse talks about is work.

We're tackling something we all have to deal with at some time or other: work drama. Each week, I'll be bringing the juiciest stories from across the web right to our little virtual water cooler. From toxic bosses to nightmare workplaces, I'm here to speak a little justice on behalf of the average worker.

While you're here, please note that this weekly series is meant solely for entertainment purposes. Please do not have your HR team call me tomorrow saying you heard it from Joel at Digg.

Why Do Certain Customers Call And Try To Piss You Off At Every Chance?

She called to cancel her renters and auto insurance. I said 'okay, I can,get that taken care of.' She got a little attitude when she mentioned she wanted the cancellation backdated a couple weeks. I said 'No problem. I can backdate up to 30 days. You should get a refund for any insurance you overpaid.'

Customer then says (in a very snotty tone) 'You should know, I found much cheaper insurance with someone else.' I told her, That’s good. Thanks for the information. In this economy I’m sure it will really help. Customer: Let’s out an audible, irritated huff


I continue on, ignoring her attitude. I let her know everything is all good to go. Her policies were canceled per her request. Again, this time her tone dripping with attitude: 'Yeah. I got insurance with someone else that is a lot cheaper.' (I acted like I didn’t hear her.) 'Well, I hope you have a nice day. Let us know if you have any other questions.” Her: huffs again.

Yeah. I heard you the first time sweetheart. And I responded in kind. Are you expecting some kind of reaction out of me? Trust me. I’m not that emotionally invested in you, or any customer for that matter. I’m not entertaining your sense of entitlement.

I’m just the CSR. You requested the cancellation of your insurance because you found a new company to go with. And I took care of it for you. As is my job. It happens all the time in this industry. People come and go. It’s nothing personal, it’s business. Maybe get over yourself a little?

What is it people want though? Even if you give them exactly what they want, they feel the need to get an attitude and act like children. If it’s a reaction they want, groveling, etc.? They barked up the wrong tree. I don’t play that game. Tell me what you need, and let’s move on with our day. I have things to do.

Also, we are not an independent agency. We are captive. We can’t shop their insurance. So, aside from changing coverage and making sure all applicable discounts are in place (99.9% of the time they already are) there is not much we can do.

She had also already tried to get her price down a week or so prior to her changing companies. We couldn’t get it where she wanted price-wise. So, unless she thought actually getting new insurance would change any of that (it won’t) there were no negotiations left to be had. We don’t have some discount we only pull out of our asses once you actually leave. Insurance doesn’t work like that.

When I worked a job that got complaints, if we got a barrage of curses, we would just delete the worst ones. Maybe that customer had no other outlet, and decided it was time to unload everything on you. That's definitely not an excuse, and I'm glad you didn't fall for the bait. Any reaction from you would've given the customer an excuse to file another complaint; and fight for more. Kudos for keeping a cool head. Read the rest of the thread here.

Hooked Up My Friend With A Sweet Gig, And Now Her Hookup Is Making Me Anxious

I (25F) work as a receptionist. Four months ago, I made the stupid decision to recommend my (now former) best friend 'Jane' (25F) for an open position after someone had left. It's a prestigious hotel, so they are very selective about their hiring process. Jane had little to no experience, so I took a risk by vouching for her. Looking back, it was dumb, but I knew she was a hard worker and I could've never guessed what was to come.

I trained her during her first month, and she picked things up quickly. After that we began working separate shifts. It was around this time that I started noticing a weird dynamic between her and 'John' (35+? M), our chief receptionist. One night when I arrived for my shift, I found them acting all giggly and their body language just seemed off. They didn't notice me at first, but when they did, they tried a little too much to act cool which raised some red flags. There have been too many similar situations over the months, but I tried to deny it. John just had a baby, and his wife comes at least 4-5 times a week, sometimes with the baby too. Jane sees this as well, and I just couldn't think she would do something like that.

But the awkward tension, quick glances, and giggles just wouldn't quit, so I brought it up two weeks ago when we were out for drinks. I was floored by her response. She confessed in a playful manner almost like sharing a dirty secret. She said they couldn't keep their hands off each other and that she had wanted to "spill the tea", but didn't want to involve me in the "drama." When I brought up his wife and their newborn child, she said she didn't care. Apparently John told her they had been sleeping in separate beds, and his wife stopped caring about the marriage after the pregnancy, and other bullsh*t like that.

I was disgusted and we had a major fight. She stormed off and cut all contact with me. Since then, going to work has been hell. John is in charge of our shifts and ever since our fight, he's been giving me the worst shifts and making sure we're not scheduled together.

I've considered telling the wife since day one, but I don't have any proof. Same with our manager and HR. I texted Jane saying, 'Tell your boyfriend to stop giving me the worst shifts,' hoping for a response that could serve as evidence, but she didn't reply.

One week ago, someone got sick, and I had to work with the two evil f—s. Close to our lunch break, John's wife came in to bring him lunch. She looked tired as hell too, and my heart broke for her. Then I noticed something on John's wrist. He had Jane's scrunchy on his wrist (he also has long hair, but I know for a fact it's hers). He held and kissed the baby with the f*cking. scrunchy. on. his. wrist. I legitimately thought I was gonna throw up. I had a panic attack (I think?) at the smoking area. I was crying and couldn't breathe.

I come from a divorced family because of my father's infidelity, so this hits too close to home. I am losing sleep. Please tell me what should I do in this situation? Should I send the wife an anonymous message? I only have her Instagram. I feel like I'm losing my mind.

I know you want justice, and I know everyone in the comments wants you to become the FBI and catch him in the act, but OP is 25-years-old; stay focused and serious about your career. Focus on work, not the work drama. Somebody even said, "get the CCTV footage," as if you're an officer with the law who can just ask. Look, leave this one to karma and maybe even consider moving on from the job if things are getting too messy. Read the rest of the thread here.

Co-Workers Put Me In A Group Chat That I Have No Desire To Participate In

Just need a moment to rant:

I work in a very small close knit group. We can’t have our cell phones during work hours. But there is a group chat they communicate through after hours. I was added the first week I started without my consent.

The chat is nothing but some people posting vacation photos and pics from their TDY (only management gets to travel btw). Then there’s the lame jokes that management posts and everyone is more or less obligated to look at it and laugh/like etc. There is nothing work related on this group chat.

I get that management is trying to create a team atmosphere, but I’m not interested in posting my vacation photos or sharing every single detail of my life. Besides that, these people have been very toxic when in the office - gossiping about everyone, passive aggressiveness, excluding people, cussing out their wife on the phone, racist micro-aggressions, the list goes on.

I don’t get why some people don’t understand - we just work together, we’re friendly but not friends. I just want to do my job, maintain a professional attitude, collect a paycheck and go home. I have zero interest in spending a minute of my personal time on these people outside of work hours.

Shout out to u/NancyFanton4Ever in the comments, who has some good advice on how to navigate such situations. Stock pilling boring pictures so you can still technically contribute — genius. Avoiding coworkers too much might only continue to pique their interests in you, and remember — in the group chat, everything you say can and will be used against you, so before saying you're reading a random boring book, make sure it doesn't have any Stephen King-esque chapters (IYKYK). Read the rest of the thread here.

Spouse Says I Only Talk About Work — He's Right, And Now I'm Scared

I admit i talk a lot about work, but when work consists of 8 hours of my life 5 days a week, how do you not talk about it? I also just want validation for the things i do or to share what i'm up to but this weekend he said i should stop.

I know my dad talks a lot about work and it can get tiring but its not like its all i talk about. Now i'm scared my friends will get sick of me too...

I'm so sad and i feel so stuck. I don't feel like talking to him anymore.

Edit: I already have a ton of hobbies... probably too many, they don't really help much.

I love talking to myself, especially while driving alone or going on a long walk in nature. I'm not hosting "SNL" or speaking at full volume, but I can still hear myself out. It's best to self-reflect before dumping your day onto someone else. What are the most exciting details from your day that are actually worth giving more attention too? Filter things out and see if your stories do better with him. Read the rest of the thread here.

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My Co-Workers Secret Affair Has Ruined My Life, And More Of This Week's Best Work Drama | Digg (2024)


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