Quarterback Netflix Parents Guide (2024)

1. Kid reviews for Quarterback | Common Sense Media

  • 2nd best sports documentary. Best documentary besides the last dance. It portrays the hardships of being a leader and a quarterback while balancing family time.

  • Read Quarterback reviews from kids and teens on Common Sense Media. Become a member to write your own review.

2. Quarterback Netflix rating: What is the docuseries rated? - Netflix Life

3. Kirk Cousins' 'Quarterback' episode has lessons for sports parents

  • 22 jul 2023 · Here are three lessons I took from Episode 7 of "Quarterback": Kirk Cousins and his wife Julie arrive for the premiere of Netflix's docuseries.

  • You learn about the value of one particular QB when Kirk Cousins, wife Julie and two sons take center stage in an episode of the Netflix docuseries.


5. Is the CW series for all young Americans? Or just teens?

  • 1 apr 2024 · All American parents guide: Is the CW series for all young Americans? ... quarterback son, Jordan. The series explores racial identity ...

  • The popular teen sports drama series starring Daniel Ezra is returning for its sixth season on The CW.

6. 'Quarterback' Netflix Review: Stream It Or Skip It? - Decider

  • 12 jul 2023 · QUARTERBACK: STREAM IT OR SKIP IT? Opening Shot: Kirk Cousins reads his son a bedtime story–from a book about the NFL. He reads a passage about ...

  • There’s no sport in the USA that’s bigger than NFL football, and there’s no player more important in NFL football than the quarterback.

7. Netflix's Sprint Soundtrack Guide: Every Song & When They Play In ...

  • 15 uur geleden · Like Netflix's Quarterback, the best sports docuseries show the ... Parents Guide For John Krasinski's Movie · IF (2024). John Krasinski's ...

  • They help convey the athlete's emotions.

8. Curvy Girls Can't Date Quarterbacks by Kelsie Stelting | Goodreads

  • 16-year-old me could've used a book like Curvy Girls Can't Date Quarterbacks. ... this is like a 13yrold girl watched the kissing booth and the netflix ...

  • Curvy girls deserve happily ever afters too. I’m a big…

Quarterback Netflix Parents Guide (2024)


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