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    Kroger identifies 35 Illinois Mariano’s, Jewel locations to be sold off pending megamerger approvalChicago Tribune 13 HOURS AGO

    109 shot, 19 dead in Chicago over the holiday weekendStraight Arrow News SANcom1 DAY AGO

    Suspect in $6K Oak Brook theft tells police she 'would be out tomorrow' after arrest; 2nd woman also chargedfox32chicago.com13 HOURS AGO

    American SongwriterOn This Day: Carlos Santana and the Most Rock and Roll Proposal EverMany musicians might claim to live the rock and roll life, but few people can boast a proposal as rock and roll as legendary guitarist Carlos Santana. The Santana founder popped the question to one of the greatest female drummers of all time, Cindy Blackman, on July 9, 2010, three years after his divorce from his first wife and mother of his three children, Deborah King, due to irreconcilable differences.

    Tinley Park, IL14 hours ago


    NBC Chicago

    8 hours ago



    Proviso Homeowners Shocked By Rising Tax BillsA property tax bill due Aug. 1 on a Maywood home. Taxes rose significantly for many homeowners. This year, Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas debuted new bills so taxpayers can easily see where their money goes. | Screenshot. Tuesday, July 9, 2024 || By Michael Romain || michael@wearejohnwilk.com. “Many homeowners...

    Maywood, IL14 hours ago


    NBC ChicagoFlash flood warnings issued, downpours could lead to impassable Chicago-area expresswaysA flash flood warning has been issued for a swath of the Chicago area, with the National Weather Service cautioning that parts of some expressways could become impassable due to high water. That warning includes southern Cook County in Illinois and parts of Lake County in northwest Indiana. Communities like...

    Chicago, IL14 hours ago



    Cook County homeowner gets answers after property tax bill skyrocketed from $1,800 to $30KCHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. - A lot of homeowners in the south suburbs were in for a big shock last week when they received their property tax bills. One man FOX 32 spoke with said his bill skyrocketed more than 3,800 percent. Darryl Lloyd's property was assessed at over $1 million...

    1 day ago



    Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois Unite to Form Government Alliance for Safe Communities, Launching Grants and Resource WebsiteThe City of Chicago, Cook County, and the State of Illinois have teamed up to create the Government Alliance for Safe Communities (GASC). This coalition aims to enhance community safety strategies in the greater Chicago area, with a recently launched website serving as a hub for information and grants, according to a recent announcement.



    Former Illinois state senator sentenced for wire fraud, money launderingFormer state senator and gubernatorial candidate Sam McCann received a 42-month prison sentence and a two-year conditional release for the misuse of campaign funds on Tuesday. U.S. District Judge Colleen Lawless issued the sentencing at Paul Findley Federal Courthouse in Springfield, one she hopes will discourage similar action from public officials in the future.

    Springfield, IL2 hours ago



    Expanded Amtrak Service In Wisconsin Is Deemed A SuccessMADISON, WI (WTAQ-WRN) – More than 18,500 passengers rode Borealis trains between St. Paul and Chicago during the first full month of operations. According to preliminary figures from Amtrak, that’s an average of about 300 aboard each eastbound and westbound train. Borealis is operated daily by Amtrak under...

    Chicago, IL1 hour ago



    A New Federal Rule Sets Tighter Nursing Home Staffing Standards. Just 16% of Illinois Homes Are in Full ComplianceAt times, Ebony Payne’s call light is on for 45 minutes before a nurse arrives to help. For Payne, the time she spends waiting for staff to help clean her tracheostomy tube so she’s able to breathe is “life or death.”. “When you can’t breathe, nothing else...

    1 hour ago


    KISS 106Illinois Is Hosting The Best Lego Convention In The WorldLego fans in Illinois are very excited because the best brick convention in the entire world is coming to our state. One of my favorite toys growing up was Legos. Back in those days, they were basic. None of these fancy sets. It forced you to use your imagination. Since I was an only child I felt like I was pretty good at it. Between my friend and I, we had a huge crate full of bricks.

    Wheaton, IL1 hour ago



    New Illinois law helps ensure freelance workers get paidQUINCY (WGEM) - If you work freelance at all in Illinois, you’ll now have more protections. A new law which went into effect July 1st looks to make sure freelancers get paid for their work. The Freelance Protection Act requires a contract between the employer and the freelancer, which...

    1 hour ago


    The State Journal-RegisterNew Illinois budget invests heavily in education. Why do some say it's not enough?The sixth budget under the Pritzker administration went into effect on July 1, a budget again emphasizing investment in education but one that some advocates say falls short. Included in the $53.1 billion budget signed by Gov. JB Pritzker is funding for new and continued programs to bolster early childhood through higher education. ...

    2 hours ago



    Gusty Winds to Follow the Heavy RainFlooding caused by excessive rainfall continues to be possible across east-central Illinois and west-central Indiana today. At 11 o’clock last night the National Weather Service cautioned that creeks and streams may rise out of their banks. And flooding may occur in poor drainage and urban areas as the tropical cyclone remnants move into Indiana overnight.

    Danville, IL4 hours ago


    We Are RockfordExperts claim Illinois is home to 2 “New Ivy League” UniversitiesThe old Ivy League consists of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and others but what schools are in the "new" Ivy League? Two of them are located here in the Land of Lincoln!. According to an article from NBC Chicago, Forbes put together a list of "New Ivies" public and private universities, and the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana and Northwestern University made the list.

    Champaign, IL5 hours ago



    Illinois residents could see medical debt eliminatedSome Illinois residents could soon see their medical debt eliminated. Gov. JB Pritzker signed a program into law to wipe away nearly $1 billion in medical debt. As Illinois Capitol Bureau correspondent Theodora Koulouvaris reports, advocates believe this is a step in the right direction.

    8 hours ago


    1070 KHMO-AMIllinois Couple Cannot Explain What Crossed Road in Front of ThemWould you be more likely to believe a strange creature story if it were shared by someone who considers themselves an avid outdoorsman? That's exactly what's just been shared by an Illinois couple who are experienced in the woods, but simply cannot explain what recently crossed a road in front of them.

    8 hours ago



    Dolly Parton's Imagination Library brings free books to southern Illinois childrenCARBONDALE, Ill. — Read SI is partnering with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to bring free books to southern Illinois for children up until age 5. The program has launched in the 18 southernmost Illinois counties, and the launch was marked Tuesday with several events, including one at Southern Illinois Hospital.

    Carbondale, IL8 hours ago


    WGN Radio

    9 hours ago


    We Are RockfordThe 4th Of July Got Kind Of Wild In These Illinois CommunitiesWe're recovering from the holiday weekend today and taking a look back at how it went. The Monday following a holiday is never fun. We're pretty much all relearning our jobs and readjusting to our schedules and routines. For a lot of us, the 4th of July was fun. We...

    Chicago, IL9 hours ago


    WGN News

    10 hours ago


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